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NEED: CG - GUI - BG Artists!

posted Mar 16, 2015, 3:19 PM by Megasha Video
  • CG Artist: Need up to 24 CGs with the Sprites shown (1-2 characters per CG). Simple background. Poses are predetermined. 
  • BG Artist: Need 12+ BGs (not sure on the amount). The scenery is a fantastical setting using simple backgrounds like bedrooms, living rooms, streets, forests, etc. to more complex backgrounds of mountains, temples/ruins, and castles (outside and inside). Think - Lord of the Rings meets Ancient Greece.
  • GUI Artist: Simple and elegant design is all that's needed.
If you are interested in collaborating on this project you can PM me on LemmaSoft (username Megasha), or PM me on deviantart (

Thank you for your interest in this game!